How to increase ranking using SEO

So basically SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the art and science of persuading search engines for instance Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so that user can see your content as a best solution for their problem. To make presence of our website on search engine like Google we use SEO which is most Effective digital marketing strategy.

Once you get to know SEO completely you can use different strategies to increase rank & visibility of your website on search engine.

We can Classify SEO in Two Different Ways

  • On –Page Optimization

It refers to improving various elements that are included in the page in order to improve the ranking of the page and to increase engagement & traffic of the website.

  • Off- Page Optimization

It specify to the activity taken outside of the page in order to increase ranking of page on search engine result page (SERP)

Both of these tactics i.e. on-page and off-page SEO are very important to make your site more user familiar, such that search engine as well as user can lean on it without any hesitation.

To get good ranking by engine crawler it crawls the website & inspect your website to check how beneficial is your website to search engine & user, with more user-friendly and trustworthy website it increases chance that your site will rank well for different searches

For example, say you have two websites: Website A and Website B.

Website A isn’t SEO & User friendly and that means users will find tough time navigating website A when he/she is surfing on tablets or smartphone. Website B, have good user experience for desktop, tablet, smartphone. From above discussion we can say that for search engine it is easy decision which website will be given higher authority & off course Website B will have High ranking as compared to Website A.

Today number of different factors is used by search engine to generate results, which means there are many different elements that can affect your placement in search results.

Most paramount factor on which your website Domain level is depend is Domain Authority of your website Higher DA (Domain Authority) higher will be the rank of your website for various Google searches. Approximately 21% website ranking is depending on DA. It is also based on various factor most dominant is quality & quantity of links included in your website.

Next to that the second most important factor is Page level link feature 19% of website ranking is based on it.

In simple language it is called Page authority. Higher number of quality & quantity of links aimed at the page higher is the PA (Page Authority) and more likely to rank in Google.

Another utmost aspect is page level keyword & content based feature. In the past Google ranking was mostly depend on high quality links to your page, but now a day there are many other element that affect the ranking of your website. For good ranking High quality ranking are still important, but other factor are also very important to obtain High level domain in search engine of your website. The things that you should include in order influence Page Level you page must target a single narrow topic & must include primary keyword in page title, page headlines & page URL. Your Page must be filled with required keyword, Images on page should be provided with proper ALT Tags.

Page level keyword agnostic features refers to variety of other attribute on your page like content on your page should be of right length, it should be easily readable & functional. Specific, perfectly structured articles that can be easily grabbed and is unique such that it can load your page quickly & thus will give you good marks from big G.

Another most primary feature is engagement & traffic which is nothing but overall approach questioning “Is my website really user friendly & are people engaging with it?”. One can increase engagement & traffic on page by using creative image, graph and info graphics. Using interactive element on page and engaging video will also help in great extent to increase engagement & traffic on page.


Towards Conclusion, there are various factor that can be used in SEO in which most important is DA (Domain Authority), but higher number of links aimed at page is not enough in today’s digital world to get high ranking various other methods also plays a crucial role increase ranking of website which is suitable to all pages & which will enhance your business very well.